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C. Taylor Ring: Origin Story Part 2

Attuning to the Subtle Energies with Reiki

Welcome back to the adventurer!

As mentioned in Taylor’s Origin Story Part 1, Erich Schiffmann’s book Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness awakened something deep within Taylor.

Specifically about lines of energy in the body. How to move them. And play with them.

Taylor was still new to the Spokane area. While teaching at Beyoutiful Hot Yoga, Taylor came across the word Reiki.

More often in a person’s Instagram bio.

At the time he didn’t think much of it.

At the end of a yoga class, Taylor gave some craniosacral therapy. He was subtly adjusting a person’s occipital bone. During which intentions and sending good energy were in his thoughts.

Thoughts like, “thank you for being in class. You worked hard. I appreciate that you’re here. I hope you feel loved and cared for by participating in class.”

As Taylor wrapped up class, saying goodbye to everyone, this individual asked, “Hey! Are you a Reiki Master?”

Taylor had never heard the word enunciated. So he asked her to clarify what she meant.

(Hold your horses, there will be an upcoming blog going more in-depth into Reiki. It’s meaning. It’s history. All the good stuff).

Once she explained it, Taylor realized what she was talking about. But assured her, he was no Reiki Master.

Her feedback included stating that she felt a very powerful energetic response. To what Taylor had given. While he held her occipital bone using craniosacral therapy. It reminded her of Reiki classes she once participated in.

Taylor gave her gratitude for her share.

And let the interaction be just that.

Reiki Swings Back Around For a Third Time

Later in Taylor’s life, he understands after learning about energy – and confirmed through Reiki – that energy speaks in threes.

For Taylor, he hears and sees an experience that lights up his nervous system.

He describes these as pings.

(Kinda interesting to see Taylor’s Origin Story Part 1 also had several recurring pings to encourage him to teach yoga).

The main thing to know is that life has chronological timing. Just like in yoga, chronological timing is about continuing to show up. It’s not about pushing or forcing or chasing. By continuously showing up, you attune yourself to life in what Greeks refer to as kairos timing.

Meaning “the right, critical, or opportune moment.”

Even though Taylor had never heard of or researched Reiki before this interaction, he continued to experience the ping.

This is Taylor’s philosophy.

To experience a second and then third ping, signals now is the time.

So shortly after this student shared her energetic experience with Taylor and her linking it to Reiki, Taylor had another conversation step forward.

This conversation happened through a social connection on Instagram.

The chat included they had recently completed Reiki training and enjoyed all of the information they learned through the process.

(Haven’t followed Taylor yet on Instagram? Well, now is your chance! So you too can be looped into vortex conversations. As well as stay up to date on upcoming Reiki and Yoga Teacher trainings).

The third ping experience happened after Taylor made his way over to Ellensburg, WA to visit his yoga family. Participate in a class. And catch up with friends.

One woman invited him out for coffee.

She had come to a couple of his classes when Taylor used to teach in Ellensburg.

Taylor describes her as charismatic, with wonderful energy, a great presence, and overall a charming lady.

While they enjoyed their warm drinks in hand she revealed to Taylor, “Oh I am a Reiki Master.”

The third ping sounded off. Taylor let her know, “you’re the person I’ve been waiting for!”

Her name is Ishel Kanter.

Taylor’s Reiki Attunements

Shortly after their interaction in 2017, Taylor dived into receiving his level one and level two attunements in the tradition of Usui Reiki Ryoho (more to come on Reiki, but basically this is the original form of Reiki from the Mikao Usui lineage).

In 2018, Taylor connected with Cami Coté of Heart Rhythm Reiki to complete his master training.

One thing that Taylor has heard many times, from different people Taylor respects, is that “just because you’re a Reiki Master doesn’t mean you’ve mastered or perfected Reiki. But when given the spaciousness to be aware you’re allowing Reiki to master you. Let the energy guide you.”

Some of the things about Reiki Taylor appreciates that is similar to yoga: is that when he’s immersed in a Reiki or Yoga training he feels he’s learning new information for the first time.

Taylor states it’s less about learning new things as it is being reminded of tools and techniques that he has access to within his consciousness awareness (be that from a physical incarnation at another time or nonphysical experiences like being an ancestral guide).

Unique Reiki Experience

One Reiki experience that stands out to Taylor happened with a friend. This friend came to him shortly after he completed his Reiki Master training in 2018.

She wanted to do a session to help with pelvic floor discomfort and challenges.

She asked, “Can Reiki help with this?”

Taylor’s reply was “Of course! Reiki can help with everything.”

While in the session, there was an intention to find some alleviate from pain within her pelvic floor.

As Taylor started to work near that area, he got Reiki feedback. Immediately, he knew not to work too strongly on her pelvic energy.

Don’t try to shift anything.

Do too much.

Change anything.

Taylor noticed the energy was flowing to and around the area. But not in a way that would be supportive of alleviating her pain. Per her intention and request at the beginning of the session.

Once the 60-minute Reiki session came to a close, Taylor shared this information with her.

His friend later scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the following week and discovered she was pregnant!

She called to let Taylor know right away. They both gushed over that’s why he was not to work too intensely in her pelvic area.

Later on in her pregnancy, Taylor attuned her to level one. Taylor loves that the mom and child continue to practice Reiki together.

Interested in Reiki?

Are you seeking your Reiki origin story?

Or maybe you’re looking to advance your training?

Contact Taylor to stay in the loop for upcoming Reiki trainings.

Also, if this story inspired you to receive Reiki, definitely contact Taylor through his Instagram or here to schedule a distance session.

“My favorite definition of a teacher: someone who is ahead of you on a path you’d like to be on” - C. Taylor Ring

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